Comprehensive Vehicle Registration Solutions

As roads and vehicles change, one thing remains the same: the need for license plates that help law enforcement quickly and effectively identify vehicles, are easily visible and safeguard against counterfeiting.

License plate sheeting is printed on a large-scale printer with rollers.
Helping You Optimize Your License Plates

3M’s complete, end-to-end vehicle registration solutions—including sheeting, printing and production systems, and design services—help government agencies and license plate manufacturers optimize their processes to deliver high quality license plates.

Applications for 3M Vehicle Registration Solutions

For decades, we have been proud to provide comprehensive vehicle registration solutions for motor vehicle agencies and license plate manufacturers around the world

  • Serving the Department of Motor Vehicles

    We provide DMVs with vehicle registration systems and software that help manage license plate production processes and costs.

  • Connecting with Correctional Facilities

    We provide correctional facilities with advanced license plate manufacturing equipment; a Matched Component System (MCS) of sheeting, inks and laminates; and ongoing support. This delivers digitally printed and conventional license plates while preparing inmates with real-world skills.

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